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Are you achieving maximum returns from your investment?

Motel and Apartment Solutions  work with

  • Property Investors
  • Motel Freeholders
  • Management Rights Businesses
  • Property Managers
  • Motel Leaseholders

As renovations consultants who work solely in the accommodation industry, we understand the needs of both the freehold and leasehold. After speaking with key experts in the industry plus thousands of Motel & Management Right owners we now have a solution that helps unlock the potential where a better return on investment is possible.

Have you considered a refurbishment of your establishment or perhaps refreshing the rooms to a higher standard to achieve increased tariffs and increasing your bottom line? Then Motel and Apartment Solutions is your point of call.

Leigh and his experienced team will commit to a personal onsite consultation to discuss cost effective high end design solutions, clarify and articulate your design brief, map out a course of action with minimal down time, and schedule when the project best suits your business.

Our highly skilled team offers 3 stages of service.

STAGE 1: Initial Free Consultation

One of our experienced consultants will meet with you and discuss the potential and your desired outcome of your motel. Here they will assess your motel to put together ideas, a budget and form a basic plan with forecast outcomes, that will maximise the value and revenue of your asset.

STAGE 2: Consultancy

Once stage 1 is approved and you appoint us as Consultants then the hard work really begins.  Our experienced team will provide a tailor-made solution for you that will maximise your returns. We will provide detailed concepts and specialised planning and strategies that will assist you with everything you need to build your asset faster.

STAGE 3: Management

Stage 3 is Management, at this point you may choose to manage the works and trades yourself, or appoint Motel and Apartment Solutions to manage everything on your behalf. We arrange and oversee the builders or trades adhere to quality of workmanship and keep in line with fast time schedule of the project. Our strong communication gives you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Start increasing your revenue sooner.

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To ensure you are most informed about how you can optimize your commercial investment potential, contact Leigh at Motel Solutions to secure your appointment today.

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Does your property have hidden potential to make you more Money?

Why renovate investment property?

      • Increase Profits and revenue
      • Increase Equity and ROI
      • Tax and Depreciation Advantages
      • Decrease maintenance expenses

We help property investors to

      • Increase their Return On Investment
      • Improve The Aesthetic Appeal Of Investment Properties
      • Reduce Your Tax Bill With Tax-Deductible Depreciation
      • Grow Rental Incomes
      • Enhance A Property’s SALE ABILITY
      • Increase Equity In Properties To Help Build Investment Portfolios

Transforming Properties to Maximise Returns

Property investors frequently renovate established properties they’ve purchased when it makes sense to do so. There are several reasons for this, including making the property more attractive to tenants or buyers and to increase the value of the property. The latter is especially important because it means that not only will they get more interest from tenants or buyers, they will also potentially gain higher rental yields or capital gains.

Renovating the property can be as simple as upgrading the fixtures and adding a new coat of paint to upgrading rooms or adding new ones. Remember though, not all forms of renovation will add maximum value to the property,  it is advisable to seek professional guidance first,  to gain the most out of every dollar invested.

A renovation should be seen as a long term financial gain. It is important to know the type of renovation that will increase the value of your asset and bring in a higher rental income without over-capitalising. We discuss this with Managers and other Valuation Specialists to help gain maximum return on your investment.

Our friendly, expert staff can assist with a variety of apartment renovation needs, guiding you through your refurbishment or renovation project every step of the way to help achieve a better return on investment.


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Imagine making an extra $2000 per month from only 5 rooms…

Working with both free and lease holders,  Motel and Apartment Solutions helps owners to strengthen their asset and business values.

Motel and Apartment Solutions help motel owners by:

  • Increasing room profits
  • Increasing your cash flow
  • Strengthening  business  value
  • Finance Packages
  • Compliance solutions
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Furniture Packages
  • Reducing your tax
  • Reducing your workload
  • Helping you maintain your Star Rating


Contact us here  or  Call 0400 993 344

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leighLeigh (pictured) has over 20 years internal fit-out knowledge and experience.
A qualified cabinet maker by trade, he successfully started and owned a cabinetmaking business for 20 years, employing over 20 staff and subcontractors at any one time.

He recently sold this business in 2015 to assist owners and investors in the accommodation industry. After learning from a wide range of owners and industry experts Leigh has built a company that focuses on helping business owners and investors to increase their revenue, property and business values.

Leigh is highly experienced in delegating and managing staff and trades for all types of projects, from architecturally designed residential homes, commercial properties and high rise apartments, both new buildings and renovations.

Leigh’s experience in the building industry, predominately the internal fitout space, has gained him vast knowledge of government and industry standards, along with his understanding of quality products and manufacture.

Motel and Apartment Solutions is fully focused on the growth of our clients’ wealth to provide a full consultancy service and help maximise every dollar they invest.

Our Tailored service allow our clients to:

  • Increase cash flow
  • Increase capital value

People may confuse us as a renovation business. As Consultants Motel and Apartment Solutions work in with owners to effectively gain the maximum return in every dollar invested.

Talk to us today about how we can help increase your cash flow and property value.

Our Mission Statement
Motel Solutions aims to:
Provide our clients with strategically managed, cost effective renovations that increase revenue and property value.
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